Worm Sandwich

Nothing so al”lure”-ing as a Hot Brown (and wiggly) with a side of flies and a tasty float!  MMMMMMMmmmmmmm…….. Hey! It’s fast and easy – you want gourmet too?!


Polly is a Whacker

Don’t. piss off. the bird. Seriously!

…after your Thanksgiving orgy of indulgence? No? How about some nice chocolate-dipped bacon?

I’ll bet that diet and exercise program is starting to sound better and better! You’re welcome.

When you look at a Toys R Us, or hear a kid saying that he needs the next hot toy despite a room full of toys, it’s hard to believe that in some parts of the world, kids consider themselves lucky to collectively own a single toy such as a soccer ball, and that in some of these areas the ground is so rough that it is nearly impossible to keep that soccer ball from deflating and preventing play. These are places with severe poverty and harsh living conditions, where a bit of fun would be a welcome respite for kids who have so little.

Enter the creative and generous minds at One World Futbol Project. Inspired by a film of Darfur refugee children playing with a ball of trash on a “field” edged with barbed wire, and backed by R&D money from Sting, inventor Tim Jahnigen decided to invent an indestructible ball that would play like a regular soccer ball but never deflate. Having achieved that goal, he helped create a foundation whose goal is “to distribute the ball to every refugee camp, UN hotspot, conflict zone, and poor village where it will provide healthy recreation, opportunities to lessen conflict, and build teamwork.”

If you have ever felt compassion fatigue, or wondered how your small contribution could help solve a  massive problem, here is a giving opportunity for you. For every One World Futbol purchased (for  $39.50), one will be donated to children in need of a bit of fun and joy in their otherwise bleak lives. I  would love to see every youth soccer league in the country buy at least one ball to help those  less fortunate than themselves. Of course, if you don’t want or need a soccer ball yourself, you can  always make a donation ($25.00 will buy a single ball, although I’m sure donations of any size are gratefully accepted).

I can think of few things more worthwhile than brightening the present and creating a ray of hope for the future of children in need. Who knows…. perhaps a future futbol star will have learned to play using a One World Futbol!

For all you fair-goers who are on a diet…..

get it before it’s gone!

…by the most stylish series on tv – Mad Men. The new season begins July 25, and excitement is building among fans. To whet your appetite, here’s a video showcasing the Mad Men school of seduction (gentlemen do NOT try this at home. Or anywhere else.):

Don’t miss the bonus crickets at around 1:31; frankly, I think that most of these lines would generate crickets today! (Go Fug Yourself)